Prophet Emmanuel Okeke, the senior Pastor of Watchtower Prayer Network, a ministry that is committed to rebranding men and ensuring that the life of Christ finds expression in them recently unveiled two books titled: Breaking Out of Masturbation and Death Weight: Unforgiveness.

In the first book, Breaking Out of Masturbation, he said that 80% of men and women masturbate in their life time. He described the book as “a life changing book that deals with the issue of masturbation which is the problem of 80% of both singles and married persons.”

Prophet Okeke explained in the book, gives practical step by step principles on how masturbation starts (the entrance system), the dangers and its effects on a person, the spirit behind it and how to break out of it and stay delivered.

According to him, “the book is not a book for a particular gender; it is for men and women, both boys and girls and particularly for the entire body of Christ.

“We have many church workers battling with this spirit, don’t ever deceive yourself that it’s not a spirit.

“It is and it is a strong deliberate spirit. Since February 2022 till now, by the mercies of God, we have handled over 300 cases of masturbation and over 70 % are free from the spirit/addiction of Masturbation, he said.”

His second book, Dead Weight: Unforgiveness, throws light on the issue of unforgiveness and other dead weights that Christians have used to tie themselves at a particular spot even when God is moving them forward.

Prophet Okeke said, “there are burdens in the lives of many believers and Christians that are not caused by the harsh economy, bad governance, or God.”

According to him, “they are not even caused by the devil though he plays a role, noting that unforgiveness is a burden that has obstructed every good thing that showcases light and joy in all areas of life.

“It opens your eyes and exposes the exploitation these dead weights have on mankind and how to identify it and shield yourself against it.”

He went further to point out the price for forgiveness and the price for unforgiveness, pointing readers’ mind towards the spirit behind it and how it affect their lives.”

Prophet Okeke is blessed with the gift of healing, word of knowledge, word of wisdom, gift of prophecy. At the age of 18, he said he became aware of God’s calling on his life after reading a book written by Benny Hinn (Welcome Holy Spirit and Good Morning Holy Spirit).

Given the absence of direction and instructors of God’s word around him, he ventured into the Entertainment Industry by creating a social dating network called FRIENDITE, that grew very fast with over 60,000 subscribers. Despite this, he subsequently shut down the site after 5 years to heed God’s call on his life in 2017.

With his background, it is no surprise Prophet Okeke, also turned out to be an author and the recent unveiling of his books are evidence of his excellent writing skills.


Breaking Out of Masturbation 



Dead Weights: Unforgiveness




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